C (abysmallucidity) wrote in aunionofsorts,

homosexual marriages

For my public speaking class I'm doing my public speech on the legality of homosexual marriages. I am arguing for them. I want to know what your views on the legalization of them.

My standpoint is that they should be legalized so that they can enjoy the freedoms that heterosexual marriaged couples have and take for granted, such as social security and inheritance. I think that, if a couple spends an extensive amount of time together, its ridiculous that their family members, which may be estranged and have abandoned them, are entitled to more of their posessions than their own family members. As far as I can see, all of the reasons against homsexual marriages are motivated by ignorance and fear. This is the dawn of a new time and era. With all of our new problems of terrorism and other foreign issues, we can not afford to oppress this people in our own home by refusing to allow them basic rights. That's ludicrous. They pay their taxes. They are good, honest citizens. We grant the same freedoms to minority races, so why should this be any different?

It's not.
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