Serge (amirul) wrote in aunionofsorts,

Need help

Hi, I'm Russian (Ukrainian, actually) and I need your help. Here is a link to one game. This page is in russian and it hasn't much sense. It can be translated as:

"Amirul have just sold you a pack of excellent grass for 30$."
After this message there is an invitation and registration form.

It is not break any law or oblige you in any way. And I will not get any material welfare for this - it is for pleasure only. If you have 2-3 free seconds, please, give me you click.

It you will not consider my request as cheek, can, you please promote this link in any way? I will not be offended if you will decline.

Thank you in advance.

P.S. Sorry for my English - my native language is Russian
P.P.S. Sorry once more, if it is offtopic
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