a familiar voice (alfadorthecat) wrote in aunionofsorts,
a familiar voice

Hi. My name is Heather. & I run a zine.

The name is Teekup. We feature local & independant music, politics, photography, art, essays, poetry, stories, movies, books, etcetc. Pretty much anything you want.

We love opinions.
& we love controversy.

I was wondering if anyone reading this would be interested in submitting? We're always looking for new artists, musicians, and writers. I'll gladly send you an issue first if you'd like to see it.

& yes, you will be credited to your work.
& no, there isn't a limit to how much you submit.

You can check us out on myspace.com/teekup_zine.
Or e-mail us at teekup_zine@yahoo.com.

Thank you for your time.
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