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8th July 2006

alfadorthecat6:38pm: Hi. My name is Heather. & I run a zine.

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18th February 2006

stabrageous7:51pm: title or description

I just updated this piece of art.

19th December 2005

pixsi8:48pm: ♥ messy love
Hey to everyone!

just letting you know i have created the community

aust_wish_kind for australians who want to create wishes for others, inspire, have there wishes fufilled and generally bring a smile to other's faces
Current Mood: chipper

7th December 2005

viciousromantic8:57am: hey there everyone!
i am jordan im 18 and i am searching for anyone who is involved in marketing and would be interested in a new type of energy drink... if so leave comment or email me at viciousromantic@aim.com
i know there is already a new energy drink called who's your daddy that has just hit shelves in all circle k's and is infact pretty good but i have a mass source of names contents and other factors that will deem all other energy drinks inferior.
Current Mood: tired

27th September 2005

max_headroom5:39am: Delete if inappropriate.

The Great evolution debate of 2005 started just a few minutes ago over at convert_me.
It should be fun. Bring your opinions but follow the rules.

16th April 2005

soldiars_blood10:57am: Do you hate WIGGERS? If so join up here.


Now, it's only a cause. Let's make it into a movement.

11th February 2005

madam_silvertip7:45pm: Ursula K. Le Guin
Who here is a fan of the SF/fantasy writer, Ursula K. Le Guin?

The SciFi channel did an adaptation of Le Guin's "Earthsea" fantasies recently. Many people were very angry about the series' portrayal of nearly all the main characters as white. Ursula Le Guin herself hated the series for many reasons, but above all this "whitewashing." She is strongly influenced by Taoism and Native American spirituality, had mostly brown and black characters, and felt with justification that a white Earthsea could not do justice to her work. She wrote that she's had letters from teens of color saying they couldn't find people like themselves in any YA science fiction but hers.

I've put up a community to protest this bowdlerization, save_earthsea. Everyone's invited to take a look at it and join in suggested projects for protest and in discussion about the racial issues involved, including to develop new projects friendly to people of color.

Thanks for reading this!

30th September 2004

plsmachic11:31pm: I need help.

To make a long story short... I just got out of a 3 year abusive relationship, which left me the single mother of one wonderful little boy, Aidan (he'll be 2 in November). Paying for diapers, groceries, etc. wasn't a problem while I was in the relationship, but for my own health I had to get out of that.

Now, my problem is, I'm working, but I can't afford diapers, food, warm clothes, or anything I need for my son. I can barely afford the gas money to get to work, on top of babysitting $ and food.

I guess what I'm asking, and I'm sorry if I'm coming off sounding like a beggar... but if there is anyone out there who is better off than I am, if you could help me out in any way, I'd be VERY thankful. I don't have much support from my family and I really don't have any friends who could help me out, most of them are younger than I am anyways.

This is my last resort. If you could please help me, my email is plsmachic@excite.com, or I could email you if you comment with your email address.

Again, I'm sorry for asking, I just don't know where else to turn.

~* Laura *~
Current Mood: scared

20th June 2004

lenlen0510:48pm: nestle music contest?
Has anyone joined this contest? I wouldn't mind going on tour with Simple plan or winning a shopping spree!! Blah..I need some new clothes!

Nestle VIP Music Experience
Have you heard of the Nestle VIP Music Experience? Check out this link to enter some cool contests like going on tour with Simple Plan or winning a private concert by Stacie Orrico. They are even have a contest to hang out with B2K in Los Angeles and a few other prizes! I think you can go to BritneySpears.bz and enter, or you can go here =) http://www.buzztone.com/vipmusic

5th March 2004

lenlen0510:35am: Hey guys
I'm bored sitting here in the library and im going to faint of hunger soon if my sister doesnt come soon to pick me up. Thought this was a great community so I wanted to join/post and just say hi! I'm sure I'll be posting a lot more often! Have a great day!


22nd February 2004

amirul11:17pm: Need help
Hi, I'm Russian (Ukrainian, actually) and I need your help. Here is a link to one game. This page is in russian and it hasn't much sense. It can be translated as:

"Amirul have just sold you a pack of excellent grass for 30$."
After this message there is an invitation and registration form.

It is not break any law or oblige you in any way. And I will not get any material welfare for this - it is for pleasure only. If you have 2-3 free seconds, please, give me you click.

It you will not consider my request as cheek, can, you please promote this link in any way? I will not be offended if you will decline.

Thank you in advance.

P.S. Sorry for my English - my native language is Russian
P.P.S. Sorry once more, if it is offtopic

15th May 2003

abysmallucidity8:46pm: homosexual marriages
For my public speaking class I'm doing my public speech on the legality of homosexual marriages. I am arguing for them. I want to know what your views on the legalization of them.

My standpoint is that they should be legalized so that they can enjoy the freedoms that heterosexual marriaged couples have and take for granted, such as social security and inheritance. I think that, if a couple spends an extensive amount of time together, its ridiculous that their family members, which may be estranged and have abandoned them, are entitled to more of their posessions than their own family members. As far as I can see, all of the reasons against homsexual marriages are motivated by ignorance and fear. This is the dawn of a new time and era. With all of our new problems of terrorism and other foreign issues, we can not afford to oppress this people in our own home by refusing to allow them basic rights. That's ludicrous. They pay their taxes. They are good, honest citizens. We grant the same freedoms to minority races, so why should this be any different?

It's not.

29th April 2003

abysmallucidity3:34pm: Hasidic Jewish
In my high school sociology class we were speaking about the subculture of the Hasidic Jewish. Now, a Hasidic jewish community is located literally right next to our community, and I noticed that some kids thought that the Hasids were the most evil spawn in the world and that their group should be totally assimilated into our culture and that others seemed to judge them by their own standards, and though they may not understand or agree with their practices, they still believe that they have the right to practice them and live as they do. If you don't know much about the Hasidic Jewish than you can go here.

Anyhow, I thought this would be a good first topic for discussion. I would like to hear you answer the question: do we have the right to expect, and even demand, a subculture of our own group to just assimilate into our mainstream life? I will post my own answer to this response as a comment a bit later.

I'm interested to know what you think.

17th April 2003

abysmallucidity1:26am: intro to union
Well this is the big intro entry where I speak to no one, but there will be many people here I'm sure. Basically what I want to accomplish in creating this community is outlined in its userinfo and, even though there are no members at this moment, I'm sure that many different types of people will join. So if you like idea, why not give it a shot, and tell other ljers about it too.
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